Shopping For Shoes

Buying habits vary immensely and taking a look at one woman’s buying habits may give us a clue how some of us shop.  Our lady is active, mature and passionate about fashion. She’s a gym instructor, oozing warmth and energy. Her love of shoes is evident as she enthusiastically speaks about her footwear.

She always buys her shoes first and then searches for an outfit to match.  Her four wardrobes are full of boxes of new shoes, unworn until she can find fashionable outfits to wear with them.  She loves every color, style and brand.  They have to be stylish, trendy and fit for the purpose and she has shoes for all occasions, even doing the housework!

She buys the shoes she likes and worries about finding an outfit later. She recently visited her favorite shop and ordered a new pair of pink and yellow strappy sandals and straight away bought a pink cardigan to go with them. It will take her a little longer to find the rest of the outfit, but she loves to shop!

Her recent trip to Egypt resulted in an £80 excess luggage charge just to cover her purchases; ten new pairs of shoes from one shop!  It was a seasonal sale and these were bargains not to be missed. Who among us can resist a bargain?  They included a pair of black, silver and red Adidas trainers.  These have become her favorites.  She brought the trainers home and then bought four track suits to go with them. These look fabulous with her new trainers and match perfectly.

Everything is about style.  If they aren’t comfortable no problem – she just buys a size larger! She never wears old shoes; they get sent to the charity shop or recycled as soon as they start to look worn.

Included in her everyday shoes is a pair of black leather wedges.  They have brown shiny wedge heels and look perfect with her ensemble. She’s a smart lady and there are plenty of men and women who shop for shoes with as much care as she does.

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